I am a natural born authentic psychic, and study or have experience in the following:

  • Managed a paranormal research group

  • I have had personal encounters with spirits through mediumship

  • I am a Christian by faith, and study the bible: KJV (King James Version), NIV (New International Version) and the Geneva Bible of 1560

  • I study lectures on psychology of developmental theories and research

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My strongest skill is in reading people by their first name.

A secondary skill is by reading photos of people. 

Each of us has a path in life, from day to day routines to planning for school, vacations, or major changes in life. During these times, difficulty does come. Relationships, moments of the heart, job changes, social behavior, and more.

Most people do not have much time to figure things out, have been given bad or confusing signals, or, they need someone to help provide unbiased direction with solid proven advise for personal questions.

Psychologists and psychotherapists are often considered, and very helpful until people find the “red tape” to get the help is not reasonable. Costs, waiting time due to the severe shortages of these professionals, and multiple sessions before clarity is found, or medication is prescribed.

Even then there are some concerns. Do the doctor and patient understand each other? Is there a disconnect? This does happen in reality.

This is why authentic psychics have always been around, and continue to help to this day. When it comes to the need for answers quickly, authentic psychics have proven to be the easier choice. Most of the time, authentic psychics are ready to answer your question within minutes. You might even find the possibility of not needing further help due to the quality of the educated psychics help. 

 Your stress levels will go down, and you will feel better.

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