Oh Dear, brace yourself, we are heading into overload with psychic websites! This is actually very true now. Its finally coming to light that psychics or prophets are a place to make money. Sadly, this also comes to the attention of those who are into very dark abilities. Most or many of these people who say they are psychics or mediums can be very convincing. Especially the ones where the owner of the websites are also into pornography, and the dark web. A very dishonorable association with the true psychic world to say the least. 

The other thing that is happening is that there is also a boost towards those psychics who represent honor, dignity, and truth to the spirit of their gift. Perhaps I am bias, but I believe that God is the only way to be a true psychic / prophet, pagans and other related faiths, which support tarot, black mirrors, astrology, can be very dangerous. Feel free to use these routes if you like them, but use common sense, and logic. 

We live in a very difficult time right now, and the demand for psychics is going through the roof, but, this also means that good judgment is needed to find the right psychic for you. Please be prudent in your search!