I will prove you are a total fake, a waste of time, and a thief!

Yes, its true, this happens often in the “industry” of psychics and the like. But the funny part is that no matter how often it is proven, it is also dis-proven. As the saying goes, if you want to find proof that it does not work, you will find it.

What is interesting or fascinating is the desire of some people to go out of their way to prove their point, and try to get the rest of the observers to agree and accept this as the truth. Even if its not. The problem goes way way back. Back to even before biblical times. Although, during that time there is a lot of evidence the shows proof of prophecy/psychic works. But, even then miracles occurring in the eyes of non believers still did not convert them to believing.

Prior to biblical times, people would express prophetic dreams or display strange gifts of knowledge that could not be explained. In those cases, most were deemed non-conforming and therefore a danger. Some might say they were possessed by demon gods, and they were put to death. Even if what they shared was truth, or a future that did come to pass as accurate.

Even Jesus was murdered in the end due to his gift. And yet today he is worshiped by many on the planet.

Mental illness cannot be ignored, but, the understanding of illness today has brought us closer to understanding that there is “something out there” that is not visible, nor explainable” yet it does exist. Mental illness is no longer used to explain this as the underlying factor, but has shifted it into a new profession if you will.

It might sound confusing, but it really is the truth.

So why the anger still? Well, lets combine the mental illness designation with a couple of names that fall under that category. Narcissism, Anger management issues, paranoia, Dissociative disorders, Post Traumatic Disorders…and more. 

All of these can lead to a strong decision that psychics/prophets are all hoaxes or lies. 

But again as I mentioned, we now know that due to advancements in medicine and science, this is no longer the truth. But, trying to prove it to those who suffer from the medical issues is near impossible. 

So, what is the proof that it is real, or factual. Well, to be specific, first, you need to be willing to accept that it is “possible”….then start to do the research. Yes, looking at stories, science experiments, testimonials, video interviews. After a while, you will see that something about this is truthful, even if there are a lot of fake people claiming to be psychics/prophets. Remember that mental illness thing, there are those that pretend to be psychics as well. 

Using common sense, reading about the claimed psychic, seeing testimonials. Professional routes of advertising. 

Like all professions, if you want quality work, you need to be sure of who is giving it by checking them out. This is proven for all, and I mean ALL professions.