First lets be very clear about one thing. Spirits. Most people do not think about them let alone see them, or understand them. The history of spirits goes way back, so there is no surprise about any discussion regarding them.

Now lets try to take a very reasonable and practical step into what spirit communication is. From today’s multi cultural prospective it is a person praying, or talking to another person who has passed on. The standard is that you talk to this spirit, but there is no audible response expected. Why? Because you are talking to someone who is not visible and cannot talk back. This is what our viewpoint is these days.  If you do get a response, it will scare the shit out of you, and you will run away, terrified.

Now lets look at the effect of our emotions towards the spirit world. A bit more complex, but that is normal. This is also the larger of the reasons for our connection to the spirit world.

Talking to loved ones to give us comfort, talking to your deity for your spiritual needs, prayer through your faith to the spiritual world.

So, now that we have a small idea of what the spirit world might represent, why is the Ouija board a huge danger.

Accepting that we all have a spirit of our own, we are accepting that there are other unknown, intangible worlds out there. This has been proven. Even if you have not accepted other dimensions (worlds) as fact, does not mean your view or opinion is fact.

Yes, science has actually factually proven there are other dimensions out there, but this scientists cannot tell you details or provide physical proof.  Simply because when the proof was discovered, it could not be grabbed, touched, captured, arrested, beamed into our world, or anything else, only observed with their eyes.

The problem is that from our own world, our personal perspective, our own personal experiences, we know that there is both good and bad. So, yes, the spirit world also has good and bad in it. But our spirit world has a few gate keepers. I refer back to your deity. Our personal denominational choice of churches, and the leaders of those establishments.  These people are the gate keepers. The biggest gatekeeper of all, the Bible. It even states as a warning, there is a devil in another spiritual world, and we need to avoid it or be in big trouble, it also says in the bible, “let the dead stay dead”.

The Ouija board is another form of a gateway, but, instead of it being used through a foundation of historical wisdom, it is used for party favors.  Imagine you have been given a non descript device that opens a visible hole right in front of you, but its a bright light, and you cannot see the other side. Your gut feeling says this is not right, but the ID of your ego says “lets go on a dangerous adventure” and take a chance.

This is what the Ouija board is, opening a door without a gatekeeper assisting you in safety.

Now on the other side, this good and bad spirituality is there, and according to our well known gate keepers, this world is full of demons waiting eternally for anyone to come knocking. But, they do not come through as demons that kick and destroy you or pick up things and break them. Nope, these demons go into your body, and set up camp for a long, long time. Their intention is bigger than just possessing the one person. They want to affect many, and they will use emotions as their primary weapon. Sadness, regret, hate, prejudice, anger, jealousy, and more. They also know to do things very slowly….months or years!

We as outsiders will look on this person with judgement, and label them as disturbed, or even worse, a leader for something. Thus the demon inside is rewarded by its effort to cause destruction of other spirits or souls.

Yes, the Ouija board is dangerous, but its a silent danger. No police to be called, no magic show of strange delight, just a possible ambulance, psychiatric bills, medicine, and eventually a very possible deadly ending from spiritual torture. Unless the victim can be saved through spiritual intervention by the good gate keepers.