There is much more than people are willing to acknowledge in the war on spiritualism/faith. Mostly due to a black out of information. If you look online you will find hundreds of articles on demonic possession. But unfortunately, most of these articles are not even worthy of clicking on the link to read them.

One might ask, is there a bottom line when it comes to this subject? There is no bottom line. None at all.

You might as why not? Well, The church does not have the best of relations when discussing the truth about some subjects. This is one of them. Yes, I refer to the church as the primary issue in this blog. Not because it is inherently evil, but, it does have issues.  Possession and exorcism secrets are one of them. To be specific the Vatican actually has a section of its library that is forbidden to the public.

So, from my prospective, and “psychic” (prophetic) insight, there are things that we might find that would help us to understand and have proof of exorcisms, how they work, and what is involved.

Now, I am not saying the church is evil, not at all, but, they are not an open book if you will forgive the pun.

Exorcisms do have certain criteria that are usually used to confirm if there is a possession, and expectations of the inflicted for defining actual possession.

One of the things worth mentioning is how a person might become possessed. in another article I wrote, and the intent of and demon that is possessing the victim or object. 

Now what is a possession you ask? It is an invasion of a persons spirit, it is not visible. It can happen at any age, and by any person or thing on the planet…animal or otherwise.

Seriously, there is no sign saying I am possessed!

You can match it up to catching a virus. You do not know you have it for a few days to a week, then suddenly, boom, your not feeling good, and the doctor tells you via a blood test, you have a virus.

Now, what are some of the rules for defining a possession?

  • Some things on the list are:
  • Higher then average strength for no reason
  • Ability to speak a new language instantly
  • Not able to tolerate the cross or bible
  • Self inflicting wounds


There are more, but these are the most common. Also, it is important to keep in mind that possession is not always 100%, there are also partial possessions as well.

How to perform an exorcism? You as a lay person DO NOT TRY IT. You need a clergy person, and possible doctor, psychiatrist, and knowledge of the process. Its not like the movies. Nothing at all like the movies.

In my personal opinion, you need to have a relationship with God, and some knowledge of the Bible. And, if you feel you can do it, then your ID ego is talking, and you will regret your decision. Which is exactly what a demon wants!