Its December 25th, 2020, and last week the news headlines around the Main Stream Media said Christmas has been canceled. This is a very clear disdain towards the faith of Christianity, or Catholicism. Sadly it is also an attack on the mental health of believers of the Christmas spirit. 

When I saw this headline, I was shocked that such a thing would be allowed, but as we all know, Satan has his fingers into everything. 

Folks, Christmas cannot be canceled, its not possible in any way. Its a historical event. Perhaps buying things for Christmas have been dampened dramatically, but that has nothing to do with Christmas. Please keep in mind what this is all about. Being saved by the birth of the child of God. 

Its just that simple folks. As derogatory as the MSM have become, they cannot and do not represent the truth. The could, but chose not to. 

It is still a good Christmas. Even for me! A family invited me over for dinner, and we celebrated the birth of Jesus. 

I have a son who is healthy, and happy. I am alive, and able to write posts and provide readings to other wonderful people.