Trust me, I know what is best, or trust me, I know the truth, or trust me, I have the proof.

Folks, we are on information overload. Advise on life style, fame, depression, mental illness, competition, ignorance of truth, and being inundated by advertising. Even in the prophetic world / psychic world people are getting overloaded by choices.

Lets move to the more grounded side of these things. What brings you happiness? Its not information overload. In fact, too much information can lead to a desire for more information, like a puzzle that cannot be finished, but our addiction to getting the next bit of information is now addicting.

So, we need to find happiness….but how?! There are still a few times when we as humans find our moments of pause and pleasure. They last for an eternity withing 5 minutes. A good cup of coffee, sitting down on a really nice couch. Getting that favorite drink. Opening that can of soda and hearing its sound. In these moments, the information stops. Facts are the only thing present. You know what to expect. You want this to happen. You feel joy. That is happiness. That is what seems to be getting removed from the world. Our ability to think freely and enjoy that moment of clarity in our actions and predicted outcome.

Information is good, but if you get addicted to all the information you can get, no matter the source or the accuracy, you become lost, and very stressed. You lose trust, hope, and you really feel let down by everything you thought was truth.

One area that can be comforting is connecting to a psychic who connects well with you. There are many out there who you will not connect with, but when you find that one, you will know in your heart you have found that prophet whose message from God was truly meant for you. In most cases, one or two calls is all you need, and you are on your way, on the right path. 

Knowing this, you now have an idea of what to think about and avoid. Trust in patience, trust in yourself, and start with prayer to find the truth. I would recommend prayer, because this will bring you information that is 100% trustworthy.