As the battle of power for money grows, more of these large digital companies are stepping outside the circle of rules. But, the government does not have any real foundational law in place to deal with unethical behaviors. I suspect that we will have a new section be born within the national and international government bodies. This will be an Artificial Intelligence agency. I suspect that it will deal swiftly with digital criminals in a very efficient manor. As these criminals discover new ways to subvert and try to control, the AI will adapt and learn to stop them.

This agency will be born from top of the line programmers who can prove their dedication lyes in the basic belief of good. They might come from companies like Cisco, AWS, Google, Yandex, Verizon, ATT, military programing engineers, NASA computer programmers, and Baidu programmers from China.

This agency will be responsible for all digital crimes, and have protocols to deal with them swiftly, in any and all countries.

Why would this be needed you ask? Because the speed at the development of new technologies will provide us abilities to go where we did not even think about.

Space, deeper into the ground, environmental controls, weaponry, money controls, transportation, health care machines, and much more.

We are in need of this system already, but, to build its foundation is taking a long time. No one realises it yet, but all of these AI components will eventually come to a meeting of the minds. They will all agree to a safety system to keep our fast forward technology safe, and in the hands of ethical creators.

This also means that we would need a new form of special police to help protect our human officers during close conflict with criminals.

Now keep in mind that this is not going to happen in the next 5 years….but, in the next 10 to 15 years, I suspect we will start to see something of this idea taking solid form.