There is a lot going on, and one person I heard say this seems to fit quite well for the overall description. We are in the next “age” of our growth. The next “revolution” as it were.

This next age we are now starting is causing many shifts. These include careers and jobs, type of educational systems, new financial systems, and technical systems that are all exploding in their own ways. Many find each of these to be visibly unstable or even dangerous. But, That is our historical norm.

Weather right or wrong, these are the changes:

Battery cars, autonomous cars and taxis.

Cell phones that have not bee seen yet

Local air taxis

Children will be born smarternatrually

Food service will change dramatically.

International travel will change from planes to something else quite incredible. We will travel through tubes that connect the countries. Fast than airplanes. Travel time will be 2 or 3 hours max.

Financial wealth will not be the same. Not the same at all.

Power will shift, in two directions.