I am so happy to report this! You are truly not alone. Millions of people are coming out. Admitting to themselves and others that they are upset. With shortages of everything in plain site, new ideas, and ways of expression are coming to light. From people who have physical or mental disabilities or handicaps, to others who are very wealthy but feel a terrible emptiness. They are all coming out and bringing their voices. The spiritual community is growing faster than ever before. 

From the farthest unknown places people are reaching out, saying I am here, I matter, and I need answers. The psychic world is able and happy to provide the psychic guidance, hope and wisdom. Especially the hope. Its an amazing time to be alive, regardless of the demonic news and the media spreading terrible words of destruction. Its just simply not true. Humans have survived much much worse then what this past year has given.

I am glad to report, you are not alone, and you do not have to be afraid to be seen or heard.