My Beginnings

“My first unexplainable event was when I was working in a retail store. I was in the break room eating, and this kind lady walked in to sit down and eat. She had a small bowl of quarters that she put on the table (no idea why). But then something came over me, and I looked at her eyes. I just started talking, and told her everything about her life. I could not stop, I did not even realize I was scaring her. I never saw her again after that.”

“My second unexplainable event was when I drove trucks long distance. It was night time, and I was on a highway getting very tired. I put on a cassette tape and listened to two songs. The first was the movie theme to Jaws, and I felt fear like something wanted to attack me without mercy. I seemed to sense a dark shadow approaching me in front of my truck. Then the theme song from E.T. played, and the shadow was gone, but this time I felt a sense of love, safety and empathy. But, out of the top of the truck came a translucent cloud of gold, and it enveloped me, it was an incredible feeling. Then moments later, it was gone, and the rest area to sleep was just ahead.”

“My third experience which repeated itself and was a bit unfortunate. I began to predict what people’s relationships would last and which ones would not. It caused some issues, but after some time, every single one of those people came back to me and said I was right. Keep in mind, I had no way of knowing a year or two in the future, my predictions would be confirmed, but in my heart, I knew without a doubt those who would stay together and those who would not.”

A bit about Matthew

Matthew is known for his gentle humor, warm approach, and “psychologist like” demeanor in his counseling techniques. He also finds solace in writing science fiction novels. Celebrities and other psychics have chosen Psychic Matthew time and time again for his ability to remote view, and provide insight for all sorts concerns in all areas of the body, mind and life.

He is tested, authenticated, peer reviewed, and ready for your questions or concerns regarding psychic or medical intuitive readings. All questions are handled with respect, and dignity.  Being a psychic is a gift from God, and I intend to fulfill my role given to me. Communication for the readings depend on one thing, God’s guidance. The normal 5 senses are part of everyone world, our lives are lived through these senses. Matthew’s connection and belief in God is how he gets his gift, or as some might call it, the 6th sense. Since we, as psychics do not define ourselves by the 5 traditional senses, our days as intuitives and/or psychics tend to be unpredictable.

He is reminded everyday how this paradigm proves to be important. So, here is a visual idea of what happens during a reading. If you were to imagine a doorway in his mind (perhaps on a beach or some other peaceful yet remote place). Images, feelings, words, or other things might show up in that doorway. This is where the information appears. These thoughts, which might be confusing to Matthew are then organized in a fashion to then tell the client. This doorway cannot be controlled, so only the message can be explained. The interesting part that takes time is how to explain the information is presented. Sometimes it is simple and clear, others it is encrypted.

 Sometimes, what a client asks about may be different from what the message is, this is when there might be a reason for the delay in understanding or it may be for either historical or future reference. Other times it is so accurate that the client can validate quickly and understand the message.

Many people in the world are looking for that one psychic that they can find a personal connection with. Matthew has been very fortunate to be able to do this with many of his clients, but not foolish to say he is successful with every one of them.

The moment Matthew accepted God is the moment his discernment became clear, and true to the holy spirit. No matter what your next step may be. Who ever you do get a reading from, may it bring you hope, peace of mind, enlightenment, clarity, and joy.

May God bless you

May God fill you with grace.

How does it work? Simple!

  • When calling, try to relax at least a little bit.

  • No meditation is needed, just a few deep breaths if you are nervous.

  • You provide me your first name and the question.

  • If there is another person involved, state their first name.

  • While I am providing the reading I will ask often if things make sense to you.

  • If you are in an extreme state of emotion such as panic, anger, or fear, then it then it is best to wait until you calm down before calling. 

  • Please keep in mind, if you try to reach me when I am offline, I might not respond due to sleeping or exhaustion. The General rule of thumb is if I do not respond within one half hour, then most likely I will not be able to respond. Please try again at another time.